Creating Jobs

Bolstering industry and supporting communities

A weakened forestry industry is leading to mill closures and devastating job losses, placing forestry-dependent communities at risk. Many rural communities may actually cease to exist.

Through the production of RD in Canada, eco-Options Energy is working to improve long‐term rural community economic resilience with full‐time, high quality jobs and services.

It is our goal to create an economic cycle that bolsters Canada’s forestry and trucking industries, and rejuvenates local communities and benefit First Nations, and provides a solution to the problem of climate change.

Infrastructure Plant Construction and Procurement

As we supply renewable diesel fuel to commercial operators of heavy-duty transport equipment across Canada (Truckers, Foresters. Miners, Farmers, Mariners and Aviators) we consistently strive to be completely capable of fulfilling Member fuel needs. To this end, we have designed an integrated modular plant.

Integration begins with processing capabilities for multiple feedstock streams, each being of intermittent supply: forestry wood, industrial plastic and fats/oils/grease waste. For added reliability of supply, we also import finished product from US partners. Each plant is designed to a “zero-waste, low-emissions” standard, with multiple subsidiary systems intended to turn all wastes into salable products. Most plant sites will be remote, so incorporate electric power generation systems. All this to create high-quality, fully industry-standard compatible ‘drop-in’, ultra-low carbon diesel fuels for our Member/Customers.

Each plant will operate year-round, non-stop (24*365) for a 50-year life and employ up to 200 full time staff, with a capital budget of $400 million for the equipment procurement, acquisition, site preparation, line assembly and commissioning,

No doubt this is major plan. Our goal is to construct a total of 20 plants by 2040 for a total capital expenditure of $8-10 billion. Any complementary construction/installation of energy efficiency/carbon reduction equipment in nearby communities, would only contribute to the value gained in a cleaner environment and to stimulate a stronger local economy.

eco-Options Energy further intends that the bulk of this investment will be preferentially-directed towards Canadian suppliers of all types, with active endeavors to maximize the benefits enjoyed here in Canada. Wherever possible, we will join with governments at all levels, to broaden the benefits, and enlarge skills enhancement.

For a project of this magnitude and scope, we will assemble a suitable team of skilled professionals for identifying potential suppliers, negotiating, bidding and managing contracts and generally, operating a high-quality procurement and supply-management operation, with many being Member companies, and also customers of our fuel products.

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