Why switch to Renewable Diesel (RD)?

Save money

Reap the economic benefits of profit sharing reducing overall expenditures

Reduced Emissions

RD is a drop-in fuel that reduces engine-out emissions for cleaner ambient air

Creates Jobs

RD production creates jobs and helps keep forestry-dependent communities alive

Be part of a driving force for change

Join the eco-Options cooperative and reap the economic benefits of profit-sharing while doing what’s right for your industry and the environment – with every single tank.

The real impact of choosing RD

Reduction of engine-out emissions of 1 truck = Reduced emissions of 30 electric cars

How is Renewable Diesel made?

eco-Options Renewable Diesel uses 100% wood waste destined for burn piles to create a drop-in fuel that reduces engine-out emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment.


Fuel for thought

In California, RD consumption in transportation exceeds a quarter of a billion gallons per year!

RD builds stronger communities

Production of RD will create jobs and benefit local forestry-dependent communities at risk while bolstering Canada’s forestry and trucking industries.

eco-Options Renewable Diesel


Where to reach us

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