Membership in eco-Options

By joining eco-Options you become an owner. You have equal responsibilities and equal in opportunities to all other members.
Because our members are our most important stakeholders, we do everything we can to maximize your benefits; thus, management Costs are less than 5% of the savings eco-Options creates for its members. All the rest is to your direct benefit.
To better understand the differences between joining a co-operative and investing in a private company see the table below:

The Co-op Versus the Private Corporation

Participation & Benefits
1 Share per Member
1 Vote Per Member
Private Corporation
Based on Shares Purchased
1 Vote Per Share

Share Purchase

Become an eco-Options member by purchasing your share in our co-op.
eco-Options Subscription Fee: $50
This is a one-time fee that lasts for a lifetime, and is refundable if you rescind your membership.

Participation Refund

Co-op’s are unique because they distribute net earnings to members through a Participation Refunds based on usage of services.
For eco-Options members this means that the more you spend and save on Auto Propane relative to the entire membership, the greater your Participation Refund.
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