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eco-Options Fuel Systems allow you to save money, and the planet. With Green initiatives in full swing, your business will need to be compliant to the new laws. Get a jump on the future, and go Green today!

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Our proven system gives you the tools you need to save on fuel, and track your vehicle usage, giving you more time to focus on what’s important to you.


We’ll help you learn about saving fuel and lowering your expenses by using our system.


Our system not only saves on fuel consumption, but gives you accurate data on how it’s being used and suggestions for improvements.

Go Green

Our proven system makes your vehicles greener by reducing greenhouse gasses being released into the air.

Increase Fuel Economy

eco-Options provides a proven system to increase fuel economy, with no money down, that burns clean fuel greatly reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

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increase fuel economy

Drive Cleaner Vehicles
with Green Alternative Fuel Conversions

eco-Options mobilizes, motivates and engages everyone who drives a vehicle, surely one of the bigger energy users and cost-centres in our daily lives. Bringing together alternative fuels, conversion equipment, financing and management tools, eco-Options helps you become more energy-effective, reduce driving costs and:

  • Save fuel costs and emissions every kilometer you drive;
  • Measure and record your actual operating results;
  • Grow and multiply your savings with an accumulating investment; and
  • Learn cooperatively to create a meaningful, increasing impact on your community and future.
  • Our members accomplish their goals by working with eco-Options to ‘plan, track results and adapt/improve by doing’.

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Do you want to Save Money, and increase your Fuel Economy?

By switching your vehicles to eco-Options fuel systems, you’ll do both. See how it can benefit you today!
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