Propane Saving as Percent of Gasoline (GLE Basis)


Saving You Money

eco-Options focuses the Buying Power of a group to get the best value for members. This means major fuel savings for you.

  • Pricing

    eco-Options members pay “Refinery-Plus Pricing.” This translates to the best price in the market place.
  • Propane VS Gasoline

    For eco-Options members, our commitment to growing buying volume means that we have been able to improve savings from 35% to nearly 50-60% less than retail gasoline prices.

Cost Savings Calculator

See how you can save money on your fuel consumption using the calculator below.
As the price of gasoline continues to rise, the cost savings from converting fleet vehicles to operate on propane increases. A high consumption fleet vehicle, running on propane, can save over $5,000 each year. The fuel savings for a high mileage vehicle can offset the cost of conversion, usually in one year.

Maintenance costs do not increase for converted vehicles. In fact, by converting to clean burning propane, it may be feasible to extend oil drains and reduce fleet maintenance costs.

  • Idle time considered in consumption figures, consumption may vary
  • current average price for regular unleaded for Southern Ontario including all taxes
  • current propane price for fleets including all taxes
  • Estimated upgrade/conversion costs for Ontario including all taxes
Gasoline Price: $ 1.235/litre Propane Price: $ 0.564/litre
* Platforms
Km's Travelled per Year
Number of Vehicles in Fleet
Fuel Cost Savings per Year
Payback Period (Months)
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